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6 ways to set yourself up to home ownership

Home ownership is on everyones mind if your looking to own a home. It will be the most amount of money you will spend in your life.  

To have a plan is key.  I have here 6 steps to help you with that plan.  

1. Determine how much you can afford

2. Build a monthly Budget

3. Save, save and save more

4. improve your credit score

5. Stay the course don't give up

How we market your home

Your ready to sell your home, the old way to market a property was the three P's

Put a sign on the yard

Put it on the MLS

Pray it will sell

This sadly is the way most average real estate agent out there sells homes, and its just not effective way to sell a home

How much it’ll cost to renovate each room in your home

How much it’ll cost to renovate each room in your home

Here’s how much it’ll cost to renovate each room in your home

There are a lot of benefits to renovating your home, from improving the safety and beauty of your home to raising its value if you eventually want to sell it.

What to Consider Before Buying a Century Home

There's something so appealing about a century home. From gingerbread trim to old-fashioned finishes, historic homes boast distinct “character” not easily replicated in newer builds.

If you're obsessed with classical details or an old-soul hoping to put down roots, a century home might be perfect for you. However, although full of charm and history, a 100-year-old home could come with a few problems. Here are six things you need to consider before buying a century home.

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